Automatizari pentru usi glisante GEZE SLIMDRIVE SLT/ SLT-FR

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Automatic telescopic sliding door systems GEZE Slimdrive SLT / SLT-FR Airport Köln-Bonn Slimdrive SLT / SLT-FR The reduction to the essential opens up new dimensions Slimdrive SLT / SLT-FR GEZE opens the doors to diverse solutions and makes room for your own ideas. Without limiting convenience and safety we penetrate into new dimensions for automatic doors. Slimdrive SL is representing optimised sliding door technology. With an overall height of only 7 cm this drive system leaves no space for superfluous things. Convincing by perfection on the smallest scale: Fully-modular system control with 16 bit highperformance microprocessor, easy mounting, broad range of adjusting possibilities, high reliability with regards to all funcions etc. The little sister system presents itself in top form as well. GEZE Slimdrive SLT is the name of the drive for telescopic sliding door systems. The Slimdrive SLT system is used for double or four-leaf telescopic sliding doors made of 22 mm isolatin ... ascunde
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