Automatizari pentru usi glisante GEZE ECdrive

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GEZE AUTOMATIC DOOR SYSTEMS GEZE Technologie- und Entwicklungszentrum GEZE ECdrive and variants Automatic sliding door systems BEWEGUNG MIT SYSTEM GEZE ECdrive and variants Simply reliable. Automatic sliding door systems are often the focus of above-average demands concerning functionality and economic efficiency. The products of GEZE Econodrive line have already offered many convincing advantages at a superior price-performance ratio. GEZE ECdrive – the new edition of the Econodrive keeps being inexpensive while offering a higher quality. The ECdrive is able to move doors up to 120 kg leaf weight and the system is uncompromisingly reliable in all details. High-quality material and the latest actuation technology guarantee a premium performance. Owing to the small abrasion and the self-cleaning roller carriage the system operates extremly quiet. Due to the precious GEZE cover design standard there are no compromises to an attractive optical appearance. Further product advantage ... ascunde
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