Automatizari pentru usi glisante si batante, Torre Agbar Barcelona GEZE SLIMDRIVE SL-BO, SLIMDRIVE SC/ SC-FR, TSA 160/ 160 F

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Pagina 1-Automatizari pentru usi glisante si batante, Torre Agbar Barcelona GEZE SLIMDRIVE SL-BO, SLIMDRIVE...
GEZE - Torre Agbar, Barcelona Torre Agbar, Barcelona Torre Agbar is with its height of 142 metres the tallest building in Spain. The 32 floor office complex has a façade of glass and aluminium and is illuminated in various ways, giving the impression of a water fountain. The awarding authority is the Barcelona Water Works, the Aguas de Barcelona, from which the tower’s name derives. The unique effects of the iridescent and colourful high-riser were realised due to the design of the French architect Jean Nouvel. He designed the tower as homage to Antoni Gaudi and was awarded the international prize for high-rise buildings in 2006. GEZE managed to complement the unusual glass design in the interior perfectly with automatic sliding and swing door drives. Sliding doors, which disappear into the walls are driven by the Slimdrive SL. The semicircular sliding door Slimdrive SC fashions the entrance to the toilettes in a manner which is architecturally extremely interesting. The Swing doo ... ascunde
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