Automatizari pentru usi glisante, SchwabenGalerie, Stuttgart-Vaihingen GEZE

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GEZE - SchwabenGalerie, Stuttgart-Vaihingen SchwabenGalerie, StuttgartVaihingen Architects: Léon, Wohlhage und Wernik, Berlin The SchwabenGalerie defines the new centre of Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The site, which was confined for decades as an industrial estate is now an urban centre point with public places and buildings. The SchwabenGalerie has been designed in the style of an American shopping mall, an air-conditioned world of its own. The architect’s office of Léon Wohlhage Wernik has found a means to preserve the character of the district’s core, emphasising this with the materials used, the colours and the façade design. At the most congested point a portal of Corten steel columns defines the entrance, which leads to the central glazed atrium. GEZE door closers and automatic door systems such as the sliding door drives Slimdrive SL-FR and the telescope sliding door drive Slimdrive SLT-FR assure (1 of 2)7/30/2007 4:50:41 PM ... ascunde