Automatizari pentru usi glisante, Breuningerland Ludwigsburg GEZE

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GEZE - Breuningerland, Ludwigsburg Breuningerland, Ludwigsburg Principal: ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg In 2002 the traditional shopping centre Breuningerland in Ludwigsburg re-opened after 2.5 years of construction works. For this reconstruction it was awarded with the famous Shoppingcentre Award. The shopping area accommodates more than 120 stores with a great variety of fashion, cosmetics, literature and nice things for the home. Restaurants, cafés and bars complete the offer. GEZE fitted the Breuningerland with several Slimdrive SC semi-circular doors at the entrances. In the interior there are sliding doors with Slimdrive SL as well as telescopic sliding doors with Slimdrive SLT-FR which are included into escape and rescue routes. The GEZE products underline the inviting character of the building itself. Due to its low overall construction height of only 7 cm the drive can be integrated almost invisibly into the facade. ... ascunde