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Marienpark, Stuttgart Swing Door Drive for Automatic Doors GEZE TSA 160 and variants Contents Page Swing door system TSA 160 and variants 3 TSA 160 for single-leaf doors TSA 160 WC-compartments for disabled persons 4 6 TSA 160 variants for double-leaf doors 7 TSA 160 variants for smoke and fire-proof doors 8 Technical data 9 Actuation 10 GEZE 2 Automatic Door Systems – Swing – TSA 160 and variants It may sound simple but it requires highly sophisticated technology. The swing door system TSA 160 by GEZE makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Day after day from second to second. At the same time it offers a maximum of convenience and safety. The swing door systems TSA 160 by GEZE easily cope with the frequently tough duties of everyday function – whilst maintaining safety. Where it is too cumbersome to operate a door by hand, the swing door system TSA 160 take over this job. This provides particular benefits in shops and department stores, hospitals and sc ... ascunde