Automatizari pentru usi batante GEZE SLIMDRIVE SD-Servo/ SD-F Servo

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Friedrichsbau, Stuttgart The servo drive for swing doors Slimdrive SD Servo Contents Page Slimdrive SD Servo 3 Functions and adjustments 4 Technical data 5 Mounting 6 Connection possibilities 7 GEZE 2 Slimdrive SD Servo The swing door drive from the 7 cm class It is just 7 cm high, and it makes life between the rooms so much easier: the GEZE Slimdrive SD Servo can do it all. The door “thinks” with you, reacting to movement or contact, opening and closing at an appropriate speed – with complete ease, and with all the safety required. The Slimdrive SD Servo brings ease and simplicity in all places where people move about: ᭤ ᭤ ᭤ ᭤ ᭤ Shops and department stores Airports and stations Schools and other public buildings Hotels and restaurants Hospitals, old people’s homes, homes and workshops for the handicapped So, if opening even the heaviest doors is child’s play, it is got nothing to do with physical strength – it is all due to the Slimdrive SD Se ... ascunde