Automatizari pentru usi batante, Steiff Museum, Giengen GEZE TSA 160/ 160 F

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GEZE - Steiff Museum, Giengen Steiff Museum, Giengen Architecture office: Ramseier & Associates Ltd, Zurich The newly-built Steiff Museum in Giengen is an architectural experience. The museum cost about 10 million euro to build and has a floor area of 2,400 m. It relates primarily the history of the company, which was founded by Margarete Steiff. Punctually on the 125th anniversary of the world-famous manufacturer of soft toys, the doors of the building were opened in 2005. The state of Baden-Württemberg awarded it the prize for “Exemplary Building”. The museum captivates due to its timeless beauty, elliptical form and its fanciful inner life, excitingly designed in colour and form. GEZE has adapted its products perfectly to these surroundings. Door closers TS 1500 G with guide rails and TS 4000 with link arm close doors to the exhibition rooms reliably and securely. Automatic hinged door drives TSA 160 F for fire doors create a barrier-free passage. By means of the http://www. ... ascunde