Automatizari pentru usi batante Radiance of the Seas GEZE TSA 160/ 160 F

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GEZE - Radiance of the Seas Radiance of the Seas The Radiance of the Seas left the dock on 14. October 2000 and was transported over the Ems to Eemshaven (The Netherlands) on 20. January 2001. It offers pure luxury on ten floors. One of the greatest attractions is the ten-storied Centrum with glass lifts that offer an uninterrupted view. Over 800 employees attend to the needs of up to 2100 passengers on the 293 m long Radiance of the Seas. GEZE GmbH delivered special solutions for entrances aboard this innovative cruiser. For the innovative cruiser the GEZE GmbH provided automatic door drives such as the TSA 160, special solution in the entrances and dorr closers such as TS 3000 V as well as TS 5000. Meyer Werft For many years the Meyer Werft in Papenburg has been a family property. Today it is, with its 200 years firm history, one of the most advanced shipyards in the world. In 1987 one of the worlds greatest docks wasintroduced, where ostentatious passenger ... ascunde