Adeziv poliuretanic monocomponent MAPEI Ultrabond Turf PU 1K

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 MAPEI Ultrabond Turf PU 1K Fisa tehnica Engleza dK n 1 o b U raf ...
dK n 1 o b U raf P lt r U Tu One component, polyurethane adhesive for bonding synthetic grass surfaces WHERE TO USE Bonding jointing strips between synthetic grass panels (e.g. Ultrabond Turf Tape 100), both indoors and outdoors. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Ultrabond Turf PU 1K is a polyurethane resin-based, moisture-curing adhesive. It is produced using technology developed in MAPEI’s own laboratories, and has the following characteristics: • one component, ready-to-use product; no hardener is required, therefore no mixing; if stored correctly, remaining quantities of the product may be used again at a later date; • it can be used by appliers subject to allergic reactions to other epoxy and epoxy-polyurethane products; • easy to apply, even at low temperatures; • excellent hold along a straight line, even in summer at high temperatures; • very limited expansion of the product, therefore no flatness problems after laying; • it does not contain solvents or other substances ... ascunde
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